Picture It: Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik has recently become a popular holiday destination, riding on the back of Croatia's tourist surge and the success of the fantasy drama series, Game of Thrones! Everyone (including my old biology teacher from school who I bumped into on the beach) seems to be going to Croatia for their holidays and for good reason. [...]


Picture It: Jerusalem

Jerusalem in pictures. The view over the city. All of Jerusalem is exclusively made from Jerusalem stone, which gives the city this singular sandy wash. When Jerusalem’s Mamilla Avenue was renovated after the 1948 Arab-Israeli War, many of the building were dismantled. Some, like this one, were preserved by numbering the bricks and reassembling the structure. Never has 'moving house' [...]

10 Pointers to Finishing University with that ‘What Now?’ Feeling!

1. First, have a holiday. If you're like me, you get easily restless. Relax, you've just finished a degree. You deserve a break. 2. Once you're well rested, get a good routine going. Get up early and aim to achieve something before noon each day. Motivation is easier to maintain when you're in a good [...]

How To: Summer in London

Summer in London is a lot of fun. Having lived for three years as a poor (student) east-londoner, I have decided it's time to share my tips on how to explore London's funkiest nooks and crannies without bleeding your wallet dry. FREE: Do a Banksy hunt where you find every Banksy in the city. Get [...]