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Shock To The Senses

Flick through to page 8 for my article on the exhibition test pattern [N*12] by Ryoki Ikeda!

Art · London

The Kabakov Dream of Escape

"The entire exhibition, which intimately and rigorously explored the birth and death of the Soviet Union, took me over an hour to explore. It stands in Tate Modern like a slice of a time that seems so far away from the London that surrounds it." Have a look at page 9 for my article about… Continue reading The Kabakov Dream of Escape

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Ha Ha Ha and Half the Population Falls Down

My guilty pleasures: Fleabag, Miranda and Bridget Jones's Diary.  Guilty is right. Once I gave these sitcoms and romcoms a second thought I wondered "why I am glorifying the struggles of these women. Why do I laugh as they make fools of themselves?" Take a look at my article for my conclusions to these questions!… Continue reading Ha Ha Ha and Half the Population Falls Down